5 Reasons to Move to Springboro


In 1990, when I was nine years old, my parents moved our family from Centerville to Springboro.  As avid golfers, the chance to build a home on a new golf course community was enough to pull them from the familiarity of Kettering and Centerville. 

Nowadays, we’re seeing an influx of buyers choose Springboro for a variety of reasons.  Property taxes are (generally speaking) significantly lower on comparable homes in Springboro as opposed to Centerville or Washington Township.  The property tax discussion is an important one and it’s happening very frequently in today’s real estate market.  

Also, Springboro’s name pops up on award-winning lists from time-to-time, like in 2014 when Business Insider named Springboro the 10th best suburb in America.  Wow! 

Or, in 2011, when Money magazine named Springboro the 42nd best place to live in the United States.  

I think all of us Springboro grads take pride seeing our hometown getting high praise outside of our state’s borders.  So, what is it about Springboro that has so many people clamoring to move-in?  

Here’s my own unofficial list of the five most talked about reasons that people are moving to Springboro.

  1. The Growing Community of Locally-Owned Small Businesses
  2. Dorothy Lane Market
  3. New Developments
  4. Historic Downtown
  5. Accessibility to Dayton + Cincinnati

The number of sales in Springboro continues to increase year over year, and I think 2020 will see another strong market.

In 2015, Springboro saw 253 homes sell for at least $250,000. 

In 2016, that number jumped up to 382 – a massive 50% jump! 

That number rose significantly again in 2017 to 426 and continued the increase up to to 431 sales in 2018.

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