5- Not enough word of mouth

When a seller doesn’t hire an agent, they lose the agent-to-agent interaction that comes with agents that are well connected in the local real estate community.  

4- Poor presentation

A good agent will offer effective staging tips, professional photography and even pick out paint colors and light fixtures when needed.  Top agents know how to present your home so it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

3- Lack of communication

As a for sale by owner, you are responsible for answering calls from agents and the general public.  Part of this process is also handling the scheduling of showings and the attempt to collect feedback.  If your normal day-to-day is already busy, it’s likely that important communication can slip through the cracks.

2- Poor understanding of contracts

Real estate contracts are not to be taken lightly.  They are legally binding and very hard for the average consumer to grasp.  A great agent is experienced in understanding the language of the purchase contract and can make save you thousands with attention to key details.

1- Unable to navigate inspections

Before a buyer follows through on a purchase contract with your home, they are likely going to have several inspections done to make sure they really want to buy it.  Having an agent on your side to get through this difficult process will potentially save you a great deal of money and a ton of stress.

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