4 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast


1. De-Clutter + Deep Clean

There’s a little known secret in the real estate world.  Buyers don’t want to buy YOUR house, they want to buy THEIR home.  The more of you they see in the home, the harder it’s going to be for you to sell.  As you are getting personal items out of the house, and while you de-clutter, take the opportunity to also deep clean the house.  Wipe down windows, doors and even baseboards.  Go above and beyond.  Clean parts of the home that you haven’t cleaned in years!  If you aren’t a gifted cleaner, consider hiring professionals to come get the job done.

2. Freshen-Up

Two things to consider as you look to freshen up.  The first is the “first impression.”  What will buyers see and experience for the first five minutes they are visiting the home?  Landscaping, the yard, the front porch, the front door… those things will set the tone for the rest of the visit.  Secondly, the easiest way to truly give the home a fresh look is to put fresh paint on the walls, especially high traffic rooms.  Since you’re already cleaning and de-cluttering, you’ll likely be taking things off the walls, so it’s a perfect opportunity to paint.  Ask your agent for color recommendations, and remember to stay light and neutral.

3. Set the Right Price

A wise Realtor once said, “your home is worth what a willing buyer will pay for it, that’s the bottom line.”  

If you’re pricing your home based on what you paid for it, or based on what you owe on it, you’re likely missing the mark.  Comparable properties and the condition of the home are the two biggest factors (aside from location) when it comes to determining value.  Price it too high and the market will totally ignore you.  Price it too low and you’ll give it away to the first person through the door.  Finding the sweet spot is the real challenge when pricing a home.  Do that, and you can win the selling game.

4. Hire the Right Agent

Does your agent know your specific neighborhood?  How many homes did she sell in the area in the last 6-12 months?  What does he do in the weeks leading up to listing your home that sets him apart from the competition?  Let’s face it, there are literally hundreds of agents to choose from.  If you ask Facebook for a recommendation, you’ll get so many names that you’ll be more confused than when you started.  When you think of real estate in your area, what name comes to mind?  Do you have any friends or co-workers that recently had a great experience with an agent? 

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