Do I Need An Agent?

Buying, Selling

Many people feel that they would never step foot into a courtroom without an attorney.  The same is mentioned about buying or selling real estate without a qualified real estate agent.  The many stages of a real estate transaction call for a professional that works the business on a daily basis.  Marketing, showings, inspections, financing, title work, contracts – these are all extremely important factors when buying and selling.  Need more?  Here are three of the most important topics to discuss with your agent before officially agreeing to work together.

1.  Experience

How long have you been an agent?  How many homes have you sold in the past two years?

2. Differentiator

What makes you different from other top agents?  How will working with you be different than working with your competitors?

3. Communication

Do you have a specific plan for staying in touch with us?  What are your best forms of communication?  How often should we expect to be in touch with you?

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